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Surat Al-Kawthar - Connected Thuluth

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Surat Al-Kawthar - Connected Thuluth

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Arabic Calligraphy of Surat Al-Kawthar "سورة الكوثر" in Thuluth Script خط الثلث with Connected Vector Style.

Al-Kawthar (Arabic: الكوثر, "Abundance") is the 108th chapter (sūrah) of the Quran. It is the shortest chapter, consisting of three ayat or verses:

﴾ We have given thee abundance (1) So pray to your Lord and sacrifice [to Him alone] (2) Indeed, your enemy is the one cut off (3) ﴿

There are several different opinions as the timing and contextual background of its supposed revelation (asbāb al-nuzūl). According to Ibn Ishaq, it is an earlier "Meccan surah", which is believed to have been revealed in Mecca, sometime before the Isra and Mi'raj.

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