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The 4 Quls - Square Kufic

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The 4 Quls - Square Kufic

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Arabic Calligraphy of The 4 Quls "سورة الكافرون - سورة الإخلاص - سورة الفلق - سورة الناس" in Square Kufic Script "الخط الكوفي المربع".

4 Quls is the title of the 4 small Surahs of the Holy Quran. These Surahs are called 4 Quls because they all begin with the word Qul that means “Say”. These Surahs are Surah Al-KafirunSurah Al-IkhlasSurah Al-Falaq, and Surah Al-Nas. The Surah al-Kafirun provides the strategy of dealing with non-Muslims in a situation where they are adamant in adversary towards Islam and deny to accept Islam. In this Surah, Allah Almighty taught the Holy Prophet how to deal with the people of Makkah. Allah told him to say that neither Muslims are going to start worshipping their false Gods, nor the people of Makka are going to come into the fold of Islam. The crux of the Surah al-Kafirun is its last verse which says “لكم دينكم و لي دين” which means “To you is your faith and to me is mine.” The Surah al-Ikhlas is about the oneness of Allah Almighty. The Surah says that there no one who can be equivalent to Allah Almighty. The Surah al-Falaq is about seeking the protection of Allah Almighty from the harms of black magic. Lastly, the Surah Al-Nas is about seeking the protection of Allah Almighty from the negative thoughts that are instilled in our hearts and minds by the evils of humankind and jinns.

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